'Righteous Sword' Squadron
Founding Date:1980-1
Founders:US Special Operations Command
Affiliations:US Special Operations Command, US Armed Forces

'Righteous Sword' was a special operations unit under the command of the United States Special Operations Command who, in late 2003, went rogue after a heavily criticized operation involving an attack on an Umbrella Corporation controlled office building in South Africa.


'Righteous Sword' was initially founded in the 1980's, following the surge of activity from the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, to combat the communist threat in Europe through actions disguised as guerilla activities, and also to assasinate Soviet generals of high importance. In 1998, following the Raccoon City Incident, there was a lot of fear from the US government towards the idea that the virus could spread again, or even public knowledge of the the real reason Raccoon City was destroyed, or that the T-Virus's origins becoming public and being linked to the US. The fear led US SOCOM to go on a witch hunt, assasinating top-level Umbrella scientists. In 2003, 'Righteous Sword' was  selected to kill a South African researcher in his homecity of Durban. However, there was a miscalculation of where his office and his children's school was located. Atleast 92 civilians died as a result of the botched mission, with a further 20 in the resulting police-soldier shootout. When it was found that several of the dead soldiers were equipped with US issued gear and were carrying US passports, there was a general diplomatic 'Trainwreck.' All US ties with the special forces unit was cut off, with all remaining operatives in the US and abroad arrested. The remainder, who were either fortunate enough to have escaped the mainland US or were still in South Africa, went rogue, dissapearing into the general mire and mystery in Africa.


The soldiers themselves wore camouflage uniforms, either with headgear or not, whilst officers wore very much the same, though they wore peaked caps as their mandatory headgear. Most of the soldiers were equipped with M16A4 rifles, though some used M4A1 rifles. Though identification was forbidden, most men still carried it anyways, so that they could be identified if they were killed, something which proved to be one of the main factors to their downfall.

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